Today, The Domain... Domaine Colbois now extends over 20 hectares.

The 20 hectare operation, located in and around the village of Chitry les fort and Chablis region, is organised as follows:

  • 5,60 ha of Chablis
  • 1,10 ha of Chablis 1er Cru
  • 4,10 ha of Bourgogne Chitry blanc
  • 4,60 ha of Bourgogne Aligoté
  • 4,60 ha of Bourgogne Chitry rouge

The grapes used for the white wines produced in the area of Chitry are Aligoté and Chardonnay and Pinot noir for red and rosé wines.
Chablis is a white wine made exclusively from Chardonnay.

To obtain the highest quality and out of respect for the environment, we limit the use of chemical weed killers preferring instead to plough our vines. In addition, we try to limit the number of phytosanitary treatments based on risk analyses. We also carry out budding which consists of removing the counter-buds in order to reduce yields.

The vinification and maturing of the wines is carried out principally in a thermo-regulated stainless steel tank, which enables the favourable fusion of modern techniques with traditional methods for producing high quality and hygienic wine.
A vintage Chablis and "Bourgogne Chitry rouge" are vinified in oak barrels.